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Publication information
PublisherMalibu Comics
First appearancePrototype #1 (August, 1993)
Created byTom Mason and Len Strazewski
In-story information
Alter egoJimmy Ruiz
Team affiliationsUltra-Tech
AbilitiesBiological energy generator
Armor enhanced strength and durability
Jet thruster flight

Prototype is the name of two fictional characters from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse. The original Prototype was Bob Campbell, who was replaced by the second Prototype, Jimmy Ruiz. These events happened before the first issue of Prototype and Ruiz was then the first Prototype revealed to the readers.


Ruiz was hired by a company called Ultra-Tech as a corporate spokesman/mascot named Prototype. He had devices surgically implanted in his body that enabled him to cybernetically control a suit of powered armor which enabled him to fly, fire blasts of concussive energy, and which greatly amplified his strength. Ultra-Tech had discovered that Jimmy was an Ultra that could supply his own energy, reducing the size of the powered suit. This is the reason Ultra-Tech replaced Bob Campbell, whom they had arranged an "accident" for, to legitimize the replacement.

Bob Campbell went on to get another armored suit and become the hero Ranger.

As Prototype, Jimmy Ruiz became a member of Ultraforce, helping defeat Atalon.

Black September[edit]

After the events of Black September, in which the Ultraverse was given a drastic overhaul by new owner Marvel Comics, Ruiz was written out of continuity and Bob Campbell was retconned as the "only" Prototype to have ever existed. The revision went so far as to remove the accident that cost him his arm as he had originally, yet seemed to maintain other events which led to his joining Aladdin as he had originally. In an ironic twist near the end of Ultraforce's comic, Bob's Prototype armor was totalled. He would end up building a suit that was nearly identical to the armor he wore as Ranger (the only difference being that the helmet he wore with his 'new' armor was the last surviving remnant of his Prototype 2.0 armor). He also became the leader of Ultraforce as the series came to an end.

Appearances in other media[edit]

  • The Jimmy Ruiz version of Prototype also appeared in the Ultraforce animated cartoon, often bickering with Prime, and usually landing in trouble due to his own arrogance. He is voiced by Rino Romano.
  • The Jimmy Ruiz version of Prototype was one of the action figures produced for Galoob's Ultraforce line.


The Prototype character's look was initially designed by comic artist David Ammerman.

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