Tales of the Jedi: Redemption

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Tales of the Jedi: Redemption
Totj redemption tpb.jpg
Publication information
Publishing companyDark Horse Comics
SubjectStar Wars
GenreScience fiction
FormatStory arc
CountryUnited States
No. of issues5
Expanded Universe
SeriesTales of the Jedi
Galactic Year3,986 BBY
Preceded byUnseen, Unheard
Followed byCrossroads
Script writerKevin J. Anderson
Cover artist(s)Alexander McDaniel
Penciller(s)Christian Gossett
Inker(s)Christian Gossett
Andrew Pepoy
Colorist(s)Dave Nestelle
Letterer(s)Willie Schubert

Tales of the Jedi: Redemption is a five-part story arc in the Tales of the Jedi series of comic books written by Kevin J. Anderson. The first issue was published on July 22, 1998 by Dark Horse Comics. The story is set in the Star Wars galaxy 3,986 years before the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope


Hoggon's ship arrives in the Yavin System and makes its way to the surface. Hoggon tells Ulic of the events that happened there, but all Ulic can see is ghosts, including that of his dead brother, Cay. Ulic tells Hoggon that this place will not do as well.

On Ryloth, many Twi'leks flee as a heat storm rages upon them, with Jedi Tott Doneeta doing what he can to help. He tries using the force to hold back the storm, but is overwhelmed, receiving burns across the side of his face. Rather than stay and rest his wounds, he announces that he must leave for the Great Jedi Convocation.

On Exis Station, Master Thon arrives, meeting Vima Sunrider, now a teenager. The two are shortly interrupted by the Cathar Jedi Sylvar, and the two Jedi leave Vima to join the convocation that has begun. While Nomi speaks, Vima gets bored and decides to take off and try out flying a mining ship. But, while flying, Vima gets caught in a magnetic loop and has her ship disabled and is forced to eject. She is then rescued by a late arrival for the convocation, Tott Doneeta. Upon arriving back at the station, Nomi questions her daughter's actions, asking how she can expect to become a Jedi with such brash choices. Vima responds by saying if Nomi would spend more time training her, she could have gotten out of it herself.

Elsewhere, Hoggon's ship arrives on the icy surface of Rhen Var. Upon landing, Ulic announces that he is satisfied with this place.

Hoggon arrives at Exis Station and takes a place in an airshaft to watch the convocation, as Sylvar has taken the chance to speak. She talks of Ulic Qel-Droma and mentions that he betrayed the Jedi and now wanders free. She makes reference to Ulic's conspiring with Exar Kun, and the death of Jedi, including her mate Crado. She then states that Ulic is the greatest shame of the Jedi Knights.

On Rhen Var, Ulic takes up his lightsaber, but cannot feel anything in the force. The weapon is nothing but a tool in his hands. The ground beneath him then gives way, dropping him into a hole.

Back on Exis, Vima stares at two hologram's belonging to her mother; one is Vima's father, Andur, and the other is Ulic. Vima asks her mother about training, to which Nomi responds with "not today." Vima then goes off to the docking bay, stowing away on a ship, intent on finding her own trainer. Also in the docking bay is Tott, who asks Sylvar to come with him to Ryloth, in order to deal with the anger within her.

Upon arriving at the new city of Tott's clan, the two Jedi are told of an attack on the clan by another clan. Tott leaves to deal with the situation and asks Sylvar to help while he is gone. Sylvar decides to try and rally the clan, telling them that they must attack and have revenge. Tott returns to announce that blood shed does not create peaces, and that a solution has been reached; the two clan leaders will go into the desert together and a new head-clan will join the tribes. Not used to the difference in custom, Sylvar asks to be taken home to Cathar.

On Rhen Var, Ulic looks back on what he has done in the past; betraying Nomi and killing Cay. He considers this to be a place as good as any to die, but is urged to live on by an image of his deceased teacher, Master Arca Jeth. Ulic pulls his strength together and climbs back up through the snow.

On Exis Station, Nomi finds her hologram of Ulic missing, and is told by Master Thon that Vima is missing.

On his ship, Hoggon discovers that Vima has stowed away on his ship. Vima says she is looking for Ulic Qel-Droma, and show Hoggon the hologram. Hoggon takes her to Rhen Var and drops her on the planet, giving her a transmitter with which to contact him. After Hoggon leaves, Vima states that she will not leave until she is a Jedi.


  • Redemption: A Gathering of Jedi
  • Redemption: The Search for Peace
  • Redemption: Homecoming
  • Redemption: The Trials of a Jedi
  • Redemption: Master

Dramatis personae[edit]

  • Dakar
  • Hoggon
  • Kharr
  • Sylvar
  • Thon
  • Tott Doneeta
  • Ulic Qel-Droma
  • Vima Sunrider

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