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While Batman and Superman had their own animated series and comic book follow-ups, the rest of the characters in the DC Comics Universe would appear in the following comics often.

The Batman Adventures[edit]

The Batman Adventures was created as a comic book tie-in to Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. Various titles related to the animated series ran from 1992 to 2004, along with various mini-series and one-shots.

Superman Adventures[edit]

Similar to The Batman Adventures, Superman Adventures was created as a comic book tie-in to Superman: The Animated Series. It ran between 1996 and 2002.

Gotham Girls[edit]

Adventures in the DC Universe[edit]

Adventures in the DC Universe is the title of a comic book published by DC Comics. Following on from The Batman Adventures and Superman Adventures, Adventures in the DC Universe used the same "animated style" as seen in the DC Animated Universe, but focused on a rotating cast of characters from throughout the DC Universe.

Most of the characters appearing in this series had yet to be seen in any DC Animated Universe series and, as such, their designs and histories were quite different from their appearances in the television series, such as Justice League. For example, Kyle Rayner often appears in this series, but he appears to be far less like his animated-series counterpart (who had not yet appeared on Superman: The Animated Series), and is more reflective, both visually and historically, of the character appearing in the regular DC Universe comics.

Justice League Adventures / Justice League Unlimited[edit]

Justice League Adventures is a DC comic book series featuring the Justice League, but set in the continuity (and style) of the television shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited; as opposed to the regular DC Universe.

It is a sister title to The Batman Adventures (based on Batman: The Animated Series) and Superman Adventures (based on Superman: The Animated Series).

Justice League Adventures ran for 34 issues from 2002–2004 before being restarted under the title Justice League Unlimited (to match the recreation and renaming of the television series). The new title ran for 46 issues from 2004–2008 before being canceled in May 2008, ending the last production of the DC Animated Universe.

Justice League Infinity[edit]

Justice League Infinity is a comic book continuation of the animated series Justice League Unlimited; the series will pick up where the original show ended and expand on loose ends that were left unsolved. It will debut in May 2021 in digital format and then will be physically released in July of the same year.

Batman Beyond and the Beyond universe[edit]

Batman Beyond also received a number of on-going and mini-series related to the series. Due to the popularity of the Batman Beyond concept, numerous tie-ins and cameos were created as a bridge between the DC Animated Universe and the DC Universe. Since 2012, DC Comics publishes three weekly digital series related to Batman Beyond, as prints them monthly as Batman Beyond Unlimited.

Additional characters[edit]

While the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited comics did use many characters from the DC Universe, some characters never made it to the screen. Those that did not appear in the television series are listed below:

Collected editions[edit]

Title Material collected Publication date ISBN
The Batman Adventures: Dangerous Dames and Demons Includes a reprint of the backup story from Adventures in the DC Universe #3 June 2003 978-1563899737
Shazam! The Greatest Stories Ever Told Includes a reprint of the first story from Adventures in the DC Universe #15 February 2008 978-1401216740
Justice League Adventures (TPB) Justice League Adventures #1, #3, #6, #10-13 2003 978-1840236163
DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures #1 Adventures in the DC Universe #1, 3, 11 and 19 September 2012
Justice League Adventures (Digest)
Volume 1: The Magnificent Seven Justice League Adventures #3, #6, #10-12 February 2004 978-1401201791
Volume 2: Friends and Foes Justice League Adventures #13-14, #16, #19-20 February 2004 978-1401201807
Justice League Unlimited (Digest)
Volume 1: United They Stand Justice League Unlimited #1-5 June 2005 978-1401205126
Volume 2: World's Greatest Heroes Justice League Unlimited #6-10 April 2006 978-1401210144
Volume 3: Champions of Justice Justice League Unlimited #11-15 April 2006 978-1401210151
Justice League Unlimited (TPB, continues from the digest series)
Volume 4: Ties That Bind Justice League Unlimited #16-22 April 2008 978-1401216917
Volume 5: Heroes Justice League Unlimited #23-29 April 2009 978-1401222024


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