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Solo Avengers
Cover of Solo Avengers #1 (December 1987).
Art by Mark Bright and Joe Rubinstein.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateDecember 1987 – July 1989
(as Solo Avengers)
August 1989 – January 1991 (as Avengers Spotlight)
No. of issues40 (#1–20 as Solo Avengers,
#21–40 as Avengers Spotlight)
Main character(s)Hawkeye
various Avengers
Creative team
Written by
Editor(s)Mark Gruenwald

Solo Avengers was an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, and was a spin-off from the company's superhero team title The Avengers. It was published for 20 issues (December 1987–July 1989)[1] until it was renamed Avengers Spotlight with issue #21 (August 1989). The series was cancelled as of issue #40 (January 1991).[2]

The format of the title was usually two stories, one featuring the character Hawkeye and the other a back-up strip showcasing a current or former member of the Avengers.[3] With issue #35, the format changed to exclusively focus on one full-length story.

Artist Amanda Conner's first published work in the comics industry was the 11–page Yellowjacket back-up story in Solo Avengers #12 (November 1988).[4][5]

Solo Avengers[edit]

Issue Character Character Cover date
#1 Hawkeye Mockingbird December 1987
#2 Captain Marvel January 1988
#3 Moon Knight February 1988
#4 Black Knight March 1988
#5 Scarlet Witch April 1988
#6 Falcon May 1988
#7 Black Widow June 1988
#8 Dr. Pym July 1988
#9 Hellcat August 1988
#10 Doctor Druid September 1988
#11 Hercules October 1988
#12 Yellowjacket November 1988
#13 Wonder Man December 1988
#14 She-Hulk January 1989
#15 The Wasp February 1989
#16 Moondragon March 1989
#17 Namor April 1989
#18 Moondragon May 1989
#19 Black Panther June 1989
#20 Moondragon July 1989

Avengers Spotlight[edit]

Issue Character Character Cover date
#21 Hawkeye Starfox August 1989
#22 Swordsman September 1989
#23 The Vision October 1989
#24 Firebird November 1989
#25 Rick Jones November 1989
#26 Iron Man December 1989
#27 "Acts of Vengeance" December 1989
#28 January 1990
#29 February 1990
#30 Hawkeye March 1990
#31 Hawkeye U.S. Agent April 1990
#32 May 1990
#33 June 1990
#34 July 1990
#35 Gilgamesh August 1990
#36 Hawkeye September 1990
#37 Doctor Druid October 1990
#38 Tigra November 1990
#39 Black Knight December 1990
#40 The Vision January 1991

Avengers: Solo[edit]

In December 2011, a five-part limited series titled Avengers: Solo was released following the same format as Solo Avengers. Once again, the central story, written by Jen Van Meter and illustrated by Roger Robinson, starred Hawkeye with the cast of Avengers Academy, by Jim McCann and Clayton Harris, in the back-up story.[6]

Collected editions[edit]

  • Avengers: Solo Avengers Classic collects Solo Avengers #1–10, 240 pages, February 2012, ISBN 978-0785159032
  • Avengers: Scarlet Witch includes the Scarlet Witch story from Solo Avengers #5, 232 pages, April 2015, ISBN 978-0785193357


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