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Ganglords of Chinatown first issue
Publication information
PublisherBeckett Comics
No. of issuesVolume 1 Issue # 5
Volume 2 Issue # 8

Ruule is a crime comic published by Beckett Comics through Image Comics. The plotlines are based on stories from the Bible. As of March 2006, both published volumes have drawn from the Book of Judges. Volume 1, Ganglords of Chinatown, retells the story of Gideon, and Volume 2, Kiss & Tell, retells the story of Samson.

Vol.1: Ganglords of Chinatown[edit]

A futuristic Chinatown in San Francisco has been overwhelmed by vicious biker gangs service of the Mighty Baal. One man named Gid is chosen to lead his people to freedom, but the price of victory is more costly than blood and darker than war.

Vol.2: Kiss and Tell[edit]

Classic Noir style mob story, wherein a young rising thug is given a chance to rise to power. His secret is that if he, or anyone else cuts off his hair, his abnormally high strength will go away. When he proposes to the young daughter of a local mob boss, her father asks for 200 suits that have to come from tough guys of a rival criminal faction. Arriving with the fully clothed bodies of 200 tough guys, Sam points out that the girl's father never asked for the suits to be empty. These are two of the clearest signals to bible savvy readers that this is a modern allegory to the tale of Samson and Delilah.

  • Issue # 8

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