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I ♥ Marvel (aka I Heart Marvel or I Love Marvel and commonly stylized as I (heart) Marvel) was a series of connected one-shots published by Marvel Comics around February 2006 (although cover-dated April 2006) to coincide with the romance-themed holiday of Valentine's Day.

The series told several romantic stories featuring characters from the Marvel comics universe, with each issue focusing on a different area of the Marvel universe (X-Men, supervillains, etc.).

Despite appearing to be a typical fifth-week event comic, February 2006, like every February (excepting leap years), had only four weeks.


My Mutant Heart[edit]

My Mutant Heart was the first one-shot published and was an X-Men-centric issue. The issue included the following stories:

  • The Promise - A Wolverine story written by Daniel Way and with art by Ken Knutsden. Wolverine recalls an affair that he had in Berlin in 1943.
  • How Love Works - A Doop story written by Peter Milligan with art by Marcos Martin. A private investigator follows a woman who is having an affair with Doop.
  • My Girlfriend, The Thief! - A story about Cannonball written and drawn by Tim Fish.

Web of Romance[edit]

This second issue focuses on Spider-Man as he tries to think of a gift to give to Mary Jane Watson for Valentine's Day. The story was written by Tom Beland and with art by Cory Walker and Cliff Rathburn.

Marvel Ai[edit]

Marvel Ai (subtitled Ai = Love or Ai is Japanese for Love) was the third issue and featured various Marvel heroes and manga-inspired art. The stories included were all written by C. B. Cebulski and were as follows:

Outlaw Love[edit]

Written by Fabian Nicieza and with art by Jon Proctor, this issue focuses on the relationship between supervillains the Answer and Ruby Thursday. Bullseye also appears, as do the Sisters of Sin (Torso, Slash, Hoodwink, and Raunch) in a cameo.

Masked Intentions[edit]

Fabian Nicieza wrote this issue which presents two different stories of young superheroes in love.

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