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Publication information
PublisherRazorline (Marvel Comics)
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateSept. 1993 - May 1994
No. of issues9
Creative team
Created byClive Barker
Written byFred Burke
Penciller(s)Paris Cullins
Inker(s)Bob Petrecca
Letterer(s)Steve Dutro
Colorist(s)Tom Smith
Editor(s)Marcus McLaurin

Hyperkind is a superhero comic book series published by Marvel Comics' Razorline imprint that ran from 1993 to 1994. Created by filmmaker and horror/fantasy novelist Clive Barker as one of the imprint's four interconnected series, it starred a team of four young adults whose superpowers represent aspects of human consciousness. It was created by filmmaker and horror/fantasy novelist Clive Barker, with its characters existing in one of the many alternate universes outside the mainstream continuity known as the Marvel Universe.

Publication history[edit]

Created by Clive Barker, the series was written by Fred Burke, penciled by Paris Cullins and inked by Bob Petrecca. Hyperkind ran nine issues (cover-dated Sept. 1993 - May 1994).[1] A 48-page one-shot, Hyperkind: Unleashed (cover-dated Sept. 1994, dated Aug. 1994 in indicia), also contained a prose short story by Frank Lovece, starring characters from his Razorline series Hokum & Hex.[2]

While describing the Razorline imprint Barker said of the series, "I wanted to do a super hero comic, something which would be my take on what super heroes were going to be like in the '90s... Hyperkind fell into that category."[3]

Fictional character biographies[edit]

The human quartet making up the Hyperkind comprises the next generation of an earlier, mysteriously forgotten team, the Paxis. The four superheroes, and their enhanced-canine member, are:

  • Amokk (George Yoneda) - Able to turn into a super-strong, blade-handed bestial creature, in this form he is unable to do anything that requires fingers and tends to be very aggressive.
  • Armata (Lisa Moffitt) - Able to summon armor that produces various weapons and jets for flight. Powered by her life force, excessive use of her powers can render in a state of torpor or even death. Being returned to her chamber can rejuvenate her.
  • Bliss ("Dyan Divine", real name unknown) - Able to make illusions real and read the dreams of others. Bliss was abused by her father and suffers some emotional problems.
  • Logix (Kenny Zambetti) - Able to enter and control computers and predict probabilities with his machine-like mind. The downside of his power is that he begins to suffer emotional detachment from everything.
  • Ecka - A dog who finds the last of the power chambers, and gains what the others call "cosmic consciousness".


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