Saurians: Unnatural Selection

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Saurians: Unnatural Selection
Saurians - 1.jpg
Cover to Unnatural Selection.
Publication information
PublisherCrossGen Entertainment
Publication dateFebruary–March 2002
No. of issues2
Creative team
Created byMark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
Written byMark Waid, Tony Bedard
Penciller(s)Andrea Di Vito
Inker(s)Rob Hunter
Colorist(s)Wil Quintana

Saurians: Unnatural Selection was an American comic book mini-series published by CrossGen Entertainment from February to March, 2002. It was set in the Sigilverse, CrossGen's shared universe, and was a spin-off of the company's ongoing title, Sigil, although the events of the miniseries take place several years earlier.

Storyline details[edit]

As the series opens, the human-inhabited Planetary Union and the Saurian Hegemony have been at war for four hundred years. Saurian warrior Terchac has been on the forefront of this war for two hundred years. Lost in an off-world jungle and the last of his unit, Terchac is hunted down by a unit of humans. Catching them by surprise Terchac takes out some of the humans. Upon confronting each other the humans offer a temporary alliance with Terchac in order to escape the jungle. Terchac reluctantly goes along with the plan only to find to his dismay that he has been tricked by his enemy.

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