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Desperadoes A Moment's Sunlight TPB cover.jpg
Cover of Desperadoes: A Moment's Sunlight TPB, art by John Cassaday.
Publication information
PublisherHomage Comics/Wildstorm (1997–2002)
IDW Publishing (2005–2007)
GenreWestern, Fantasy Western, Weird West
Publication date1997–2007
Main character(s)
  • Gideon Brood
  • Abby DeGrazia
  • Race Kennedy
  • Jerome Alexander Betts
  • Clay Parkhurst
Creative team
Created by
Written byJeff Mariotte

Desperadoes is a Weird West comic book series written by Jeff Mariotte, first published by Homage Comics and then by IDW Publishing.


  • Gideon Brood
  • Abby DeGrazia
  • Race Kennedy
  • Jerome Alexander Betts
  • Clay Parkhurst


Each story arc is a limited series which has been collected in a number of volumes:

  • Desperadoes: A Moment's Sunlight (with John Cassaday, Homage Comics/Wildstorm, 5-issue mini-series, 1997-1998, tpb, 104 pages, July 1998, ISBN 1-58240-013-X)
  • Desperadoes: Epidemic! (with art laid out by John Cassaday and drawn by John Lucas, Homage Comics/Wildstorm, one-shot, 1999, ISBN B0006RRCHQ)
  • Desperadoes: Quiet of the Grave (with John Severin, Homage Comics/DC Comics, 5-issue mini-series, tpb, 128 pages, December 2002, ISBN 1-4012-0018-4)
  • Desperadoes: Banners of Gold (with Jeremy Haun, 5-issue mini-series, IDW Publishing, tpb, 120 pages, August 2005, hardcover ISBN 1-933239-58-1, softback ISBN 1-932382-96-8)
  • Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams (with Alberto Dose, 4-issue mini-series, IDW Publishing, January 2007, tpb, September 2007, ISBN 1-60010-114-3)

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