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Hero Squared is an American comic book series published by Boom! Studios. Originally a limited series, it is written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis and illustrated by Joe Abraham. The series follows the superhero Captain Valor as he adjusts to a new life in an alternate universe alongside Milo, a normal version of himself, and Milo's girlfriend Stephie, an alternate incarnation of Valor's arch-enemy Caliginous.

Publication history[edit]

In 2004, the Hero Squared X-Tra Sized Special one shot was published by Atomeka Press, leading to a 2005 three-issue limited series by Boom!. As a result, in 2006 Hero Squared became an ongoing series which lasted for six issues.[1] A trade paperback, collecting the one shot and miniseries was published as well. In January 2009, another 3-issue mini-series began, titled Hero Squared: Love and Death.[2] These three issues are meant to wrap up the story left unfinished in the 2006 series.

In between the series, a two-issue limited series called Planetary Brigade featuring Captain Valor's superhero team was published. Another limited series, this one three issues, called Planetary Brigade: Origins, was also published.


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